Skills and approaches for working with conflict

Work online from home and at your own pace to develop the skills for constructive discussion between people of opposing views – invaluable for us all.


Our short, impactful and interactive online courses cover:


How conflict works and what to do about it – suitable for everyone
Quick and snappy 1-hour introductory sessions, with video and role plays:

  • Difficult conversations, positive outcomes
  • Managing challenging group dynamics
  • Mediation principles for building workplace trust
  • Facilitation approaches for inclusive teams


Conflict theory and practice: Series 1 – suitable for everyone

Our Series 1 course provides an accessible overview of conflict ideas and approaches through a series of short online video training films and exercises.

The various sessions covered on the course introduce you to ways of thinking about conflict; a chance to reflect on your relationship to conflict; tools for unpicking stuck dynamics in team or personal conflicts; and how to develop trusting and open workgroups that can share diverse ideas and build them into strong and robust collaborations.


Coming soon… 

Drawing on TED talks

  • Why conflict is essential in organisations – Margaret Heffernan
  • The danger of the single story – Chimamanda Adichie
  • The five dysfunctions of teams – Pat Lencioni

Exploring your relationship to conflict

  • Know yourself – Daniel Goleman
  • Where your view of the world comes from – Peter Argyris
  • Know your conflict style – Thomas Kilmann