Working with conflict – mediation skills for managers

A course that further develops your skills and understanding about how to engage with conflict in the workplace. Explore tools and approaches to manage and diffuse interpersonal and group tensions, with a chance to unpick your own case studies and real-life situations.

Case study: Unpicking points of conflict in healthcare teams (Participant 2016)

A new team manager had been appointed to conduct an internal review of existing working practices, team competencies and associated documentation. As staff resources were already limited, this review created an unwelcome additional strain, and tasks were regularly completed incorrectly or late. Growing feelings of resentment and frustration were exacerbated by a poor relationship between the new manager and previous the team leader. As staff became increasingly unsure of where their loyalties lay, they became unhappy and unproductive. Conflict analysis tools allowed the new manager to unpick what was going on, and to develop an action plan to improve communication between her and other managers, among the team, and between service providers and service users.


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