Create your own app

Branded with your style and logo and tailored to your needs

We are offering this state-of-the-art e-publishing tool to companies, organisations and individual clients who would like their own branded vehicle to share their work and build a learning community. This unique, great value offer is unmatched across the web.

A personalised app that can hold text, images, videos and documents is ideal for:

  • learning providers with a growing learning community to keep in touch with
  • network coordinators with regular news to share
  • non-fiction publishers with high visual content or products to show
  • print publishers who want to create a branded online collection
  • new businesses and organisations keen to build a profile and community

For a great price you will own (as jargon-free as we can make it…):

Your own iOS and Android app with the look and feel of your business – The app can be accessed on all types of mobile phone via iTunes Connect and Google Play, and is also designed for tablet and smartphone access. As it functions as a responsive HTML5 app (sorry!), it can be viewed in any web browser – so if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you can still use it.

An app with its own Content Management System (CMS) – Create and change the content of the app using its high-spec CMS.  It lets you see how the changes you’re making will appear to your users as you work (aka in real time), so you know exactly how your message is coming across. And you can add images, video or titling too.

Simplicity and elegance – This app really is very easy to use, both for you when creating editions, and for the people you share it with. Its simple, intuitive user interface works with a swipe action on mobile and tablet, and can be read on a laptop or computer.

Accessibility for all – It is designed to be accessible for users with additional needs such as visual impairment.

The opportunity to create multiple editions – Once you’ve paid a single sign-up fee, you can make as many editions as you like – ideal for a new product launch, a new course handbook, or a new professional network with different interests and needs. With such flexibility, you can update previously published information direct to your users’ phones or tablets.

An extra secure in-app purchase facility – The apps allow for free or paid content to be accessed by users.  Where there is a charge for your material, your app has an inbuilt payment gateway through Braintree Payments, used by a range of industry-leading companies from Airbnb to Uber. It’s very user friendly and extremely secure.

A chance to break through language barriers – International clientele? Your app has an inbuilt Google Translate function which allows users to translate its content into multiple languages with just one click. This really will allow you to reach a multi-background, global audience with a small one-off payment and licensing fee.

What support will I get?

  • Customer support and service, from discussing your needs to ensuring your app runs smoothly
  • Technical support if hitches arise
  • Possibility of design / editing support, if needed
  • A device with endless potential for development

Want to know more? 

Get in touch to talk through what you need, including a contact phone and good times to reach you.

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