Dropcap Press

Sharing learning online – beautiful e-publishing 

Community Resolve and 1UpDesign have been working together as Dropcap Press to create a state-of-the-art platform which works on all types of smart phone, tablets, laptops and desktops. It comes with an in-built content management system for updating information and resources at the press of a button, and  also allows users to translate into most languages using Google Translate.

Get a free version of the app by downloading it from Apple or Google Play app stores. Simply type in Community Resolve and register with an email address.


Where did the idea for the app come from?

In 2013, Community Resolve were asked to go and train in Yemen. We spent a week with 20 senior Yemeni development officers from across the country who were working to get basic infrastructure in place for their communities – water, housing, transport. We were there to explore with them how to understand and overcome the various disputes and differences that were blocking these much-needed development projects. As we left, the group talked movingly about the lack of useful resources they could lay their hands on locally, and asked if there was any way of making our ideas accessible. But there was no money for it.

On our return, we started thinking about how to create a vehicle that could take such information around the world – and wherever possible, offer it to people for free if so needed. And so the idea of the app was born – something that jumped borders, that could be accessed by all who had a phone, free if required, and in the local language. Combining that thought with the technical wizardry of 1Up Design resulted in this cutting-edge, future-proofed e-publishing tool that we hope others will want to use too.