Conflict coaching and facilitation

Reversing a downward spiral in management team dynamics

The successful, value-driven organisation was young and dynamic, and over 10 years had inspired and attracted hundreds of supporters. But the pressures of running a growing organisation with limited funds took its toll on relationships in the management team. Issues around finance were becoming toxic, while a desire to support the massive enthusiasm of newer, younger members meant everyone was overstretched. Over three months, a number of different facilitative approaches were employed to unpick sticky team dynamics to great effect, combining group discussion, 1-1 consultations and mediation between specific individuals. The result? An invigorated organisational leadership who had realigned around issues of money, governance and personal relationships, and were optimistic about the future.

Social enterprise senior management team, 2016

Although it can be hard to find both the time and resources to commit to putting poor team dynamics right, it is always important to get to the root causes of group tensions. Very often these become personalised, a possibility which increases as conflicts are left to fester, and can quickly affect those that work with them.

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We provide online and face-to-face conflict coaching and facilitation for individuals, teams and management / leadership groups that want to improve morale and dynamics. Where tensions have been around a while, it may work best to use a number of different approaches, including group and pair meetings as well as individual coaching. The longer a situation is left, the more complicated it will become to unpick.

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