Action learning sets

pexels-photo-70292-medium-800x400-croppedWhy action learning?

Action learning allows participants to reflect on issues that they are wrestling with, with facilitated input from a trusted peer group.

An online action learning set invites everyone into a virtual space for 3 hours, with a half-way break. This semi-structured, informal format creates a reflection space where the same group each time listen to each other, question and present. Online sessions use the format of uninterrupted listening to one person (for around 30-45 minutes), followed by open questions to the speaker to encourage deeper reflection. This happens twice in the session, so not everyone presents every time.

The great value of action learning sets is that they are so multi-faceted. They simultaneously allow:

  • an opportunity to discuss an issue with a peer group you know and trust
  • a chance to practice listening and questioning skills
  • a space – in the listening role – to reflect on your own experiences in relation to those presented
  • best practice ideas to be aired and shared
  • a warm and generous space where you can connect deeply with others.


Why online?

We know from personal experience how difficult it can be to carve out spaces for reflection, although time to digest is crucial for us all.

Our response is to offer to facilitate small online action learning sets, with a maximum of 5 participants plus a facilitator. What we ask is that participants commit to three hours a month for a six month period, with dates agreed well ahead. During that time, you will form strong bonds with a small, closed group, and will have an opportunity to reflect through listening, questioning and at times presenting your own dilemmas.

If you would like to get in touch about joining an action learning set, or asking us to run one for colleagues, please contact us.