What we provide

Mentoring and conflict coaching
Struggling with relationships at work or need to clear the air? We can work with you individually to prepare for that difficult conversation, either in person or online. We will provide exactly what you need in any situation: ongoing mentoring, a series of 4-6 hour long meetings, or a one-off exploratory discussion.

Get in touch with us via email  to discuss your situation.

Facilitated team discussions
All teams face difficult decisions from time to time. At those points, it can be extremely useful to have an outsider facilitator in the process, allowing everyone in the team to get fully involved in the discussion. We have decades of experience in taking teams through these challenging conversations, resulting in clarity about a new direction with everyone on board.

Peer support groups
These structured groups provide a regular monthly opportunity for a group of up to 6 people to reflect in depth on work-based challenges. Drawing on the principles of action learning, this forum provides support as well as a powerful learning process as group members listen to the challenges faced by others and help unearth solutions that fit specific situations. We run online and in-the-room groups lasting 6 months, with a chance for a group to take own their own facilitation thereafter.

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Workshops and training
Our workshops are interactive, highly engaging and draw on the experiences of the participants themselves. New ideas are presented and explored as a group through numerous exercises and reflection spaces, with all workshops shaped to meet the need of specific groups and clients. Recent topics have included:

  • Diversity & inclusion in the music festival world
  • Understanding cultural appropriation and why it matters
  • Tools and tips to get to positive outcomes
  • Improving relationships at home and at work

‘Enjoyed the whole thing! Really interactive and although normally nervous in these sort of things, it felt really inclusive. Excited about the future.’ (2018)

Started the session feeling defensive, left feeling open and hopeful – interactive, fun, memorable, inspiring, colourful, clear’ (2019)

Conflict: theory and practice online course
If you’re big on interest but short on time, you can explore the topic of working with conflict and turning it into positive energy through our online course. Designed to allow you to study at your own pace and in your own home, there is an added opportunity to support your study with a facilitated online study group. Take the course as an individual or as a group or team – an excellent of developing shared skills and a common language around difficult conversation at work.

Find out more about the course here, and then get in touch to sign up.