Exploring conflict

How it affects us all and how it can be different

Next course starting Monday March 1st 2021


Conflict is inevitable, and present in all aspects of our lives: within ourselves, at work, at home and in the wider society around us. Avoiding it is not an option and will not get us where we need to be in our personal or professional lives.

This unique and exciting exploration of the many faces of conflict will inspire you to work through difficult situations and relationships with confidence and creativity:

  • A rich combination of models and diverse perspectives 
  • Exercises and group discussions linked to your own experience
  • New tools and strategies for building resilient and sustainable relationships.

Come prepared to dig deep and reap the rewards.

‘A truly excellent course. I was particularly interested in the theory underpinning practical models, while the short films really help to make the theoretical aspects come to life.’     Jim, UK NGO training manager, 2017

‘A chance to integrate skills around conflict engagement while providing support for inner shifts around identity, unconscious bias and revisiting old truths’      Social enterprise manager, Mexico, 2020

Sessions 1-4

  • how we understand conflict and why we want to avoid it.
  • Understanding conflict as normal
  • The impact we each have in conflicts we get tangled up in or are managing at work.
  • Simple and highly effective tools for analysing stuck relationships 

Sessions 5-8

  • Apply the tools to a case study of your own (personal or professional).
    Out of sight’ elements – culture, power, gender, identities and emotions 
  • Inclusion and diversity – working constructively across difference.
  • Creative conflict as the route to sustainable collaborations and relationships at work and at home.

The course will take 1 – 2 hours per week of your time, working alone online, and additional online study group sessions. Full attendance at the study groups is essential, both for your own learning and for that of others in your cohort. You need to be able to commit to:

  • a 1hr course intoduction session on Monday March 1st 2021, from 6.30-7.30pm GMT
  • 1-2hrs per week lone working over 8 weeks
  • Four two-hour fortnightly study groups (dates confirmed on registration).


Our learning groups are always made up of a mix of backgrounds, experiences, occupations and roles. That diversity of perspective is an essential component of your learning experience.

We ask you to pay whatever you can afford, to cover course delivery and to allow others with fewer resources to attend. Your contributions also finance bursary places on this course and support the development of a new facilitator team to work with organisations around inclusion and diversity.

Prices below include an additional 8 hours of facilitated study groups, plus the option to join a free monthly development group once completed.

Suggested prices:

Unwaged individuals – £40 per person (£5 per session)
Individuals paying for themselves, including those on furlough
    Earning up to £20,000 per year – £160 per person (£20 per session)
    £20-30,000 per year – £240 (£30 per session)
    Over £30,000 per year – £360 (£40 per session)
Prganisations / companies / statutory bodies – £400 pp (£50 per session)
Reduced rate for not-for-profit organisations – £160 (£20 per session)
Financially independent / secure – £400 (£50 per session)

If an organisation is paying for your place or you would like an invoice, let us know when you register. All organisational places will be invoiced at £400 per place except for those working for not-for-profits. All places / invoices must be paid in full before the course start date.

We can also provide this course in-house for companies who are interested in training their own cohorts – please get in touch to discuss further.



I am looking to network with others doing this work in the longer term. Are there possibilities for this?   Yes, there definitely is a possibility for this, either in a formal action learning set if there are a group who want to invest in this, or through the monthly free development session once you’ve completed the course. 

Do you provide a CPD certificate?  We are more than happy to provide a certificate of learning although we no longer have a formal affiliation with a CPD outfit – the high costs make it prohibitive for an organisation our size. 

Do you do face-to-face training for individuals and/or organisations? (when not in lockdown that is!).  Yes we do, and work all over the country. We also do individual conflict coaching and organisational training online, which we have been delivering since 2015 – we’re old Zoom hands!

Course facilitators

Hen Wilkinson, MSc PhD
Since training as an accredited mediator in the 1990s, Hen has encouraged teams, organisations and local communities to understand and normalise conflict and to see it as a route to creativity and sustainable collaboration. In 2001, this led to formation of Community Resolve, an innovative Bristol-based organisation that explored new ways of engaging constructively with conflict across the city through a highly diverse team of workers. As a trainer, facilitator, mediator, conflict coach and lecturer, Hen has a particular interest in bringing together different types of knowledge and insight. Her focus when working with individuals and groups lies in getting people to reflect on themselves, how they approach others, what they bring to each of their encounters and what can be achieved when experiences and insights across difference are combined.

Murat Hassan, Fda BA
Murat has trained in conflict resolution as well as facilitation and over the past year has been co-developing a consultancy in Diversity and Inclusion. Murat has a history of working within the creative industries, personally focusing on recruiting and mentoring staff from diverse and marginalised backgrounds. His work as a cultural producer has given him extensive expertise in working within high pressure environments where communication, respect and team management are key in maintaining the wellbeing and safety of all those involved. Murat’s approach is calm and he enjoys working collaboratively with people from all walks of life to find ways of healing and growth through conflict exploration. 


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