Developing diversity

We work with individuals, organisations and companies to turn personal and collective insights into actions for the future. 

Our long experience of working with multiple perspectives has shown us how exciting that can be. Nonetheless, the process of recruiting individuals of diverse experiences and backgrounds, and then merging different and even contradictory values and ideas into a creative workforce, can be challenging. 

For us, that’s where the meaningful work begins. 

We bring the confidence and skills to get the best out of diverse teams and complex group dynamics, even when they are feeling sticky. Our interactive style brings in the views of all and we always finish our sessions with a clear and agreed action plan in place. 

Our plan is to leave you with the tools to build an inclusive and representative company and to transform your working environment in whichever way you want it to go. 

Brilliant! Enjoyed the whole thing! Really interactive and although normally nervous in these sort of things, it felt really inclusive. Excited about the future.’  Festival management team, 2019 

‘Amazing facilitation. You really seemed to guide the sessions to ensure that we were tackling some of the issues that have been at the fore of the conflict. It has been incredibly productive and liberating’ Senior management, national NGO, 2018 

‘This could greatly improve my relationships at work and at home, as well as helping me understand myself more.’ BAME inclusion & diversity officer, University of West of England, 2018 

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