Conflict theory and practice, Series 1

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Hen Wilkinson
Hen Wilkinson
Hen trained as a community, workplace and special educational needs mediator in the 1990s before setting up Community Resolve in 2001 with two other colleagues. She served as Community Resolve’s CEO between 2001 and 2013, combining management with ongoing delivery and practice as a facilitator, trainer, mediator and lecturer. Now completing a part time PhD ...
Conflict theory and practice, Series 1

About this course

In Unit 1 (Sessions 1-4), we look at how we understand conflict, and why so often we want to avoid it. We explore the impact we each have in destructive conflicts we get tangled up in. And we share some simple but highly effective tools for analysing stuck relationships and making them shift.

In Unit 2 (Sessions 5-8), we invite you to bring your own life experience into the course, and to apply the tools provided to a case study of your own choosing. We then reflect further on the 'out of sight' elements that can make conflicts so hard to unpick - culture, power, gender, identities and emotions. We finish by looking at how to build strong and collaborative teams at work and home that can engage with conflict in a creative and dynamic way.

You will finish the course with fresh ideas, new skills and a whole new way of approaching conflicts in your life, from work to home and everywhere in between.

Course Structure

  • Conflict theory and practice Series 1 - Sessions 1-4
    • Conflict theory and practice Series 1 - Sessions 5-8
    • Additional resources
    • Evaluation