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Hen Wilkinson, director of Community Resolve, combines management of the organisation with ongoing delivery and practice as a conflict mentor, facilitator, trainer, mediator and lecturer. She recently completed a funded PhD at the University of Bristol looking at collaboration and conflict in cross-sector working and continues to teach, consult and work as an accredited mediator and highly experienced facilitator.
Email: hen@communityresolve.com
Personal website: henwilkinson.info


Ngaio Anyia works as a trainer, facilitator and diversity and inclusion officer for Community Resolve, as well as a full life as a performer and DJ. Her primary focus within Community Resolve is on working with the music festival world around diversity and inclusion issues, as well as running a ‘Halt Harassment’ campaign training venues across Bristol. Please get in touch with her if you would like to know more about either of these important areas of our work.
Email: info@communityresolve.com


Nina Blussé Als sociaal psycholoog-trainer zet ik individuen en groepen in beweging door hen inzichten op te laten doen, oefeningen te laten ervaren, en verbinding te realiseren. Ik doe dat in diverse settings, waarbij ik deelnemers motiveer en begeleid om die inzichten direct toe te passen in de eigen (werk)situatie. Deelnemers waarderen me door mijn energie en enthousiasme, directe aanpak en analytisch vermogen. Ik houd van no-nonsense, van praten naar doen, en weet de kracht van de groep te benutten. (As a social psychologist I like to boost movement in individuals and groups by triggering (self-) insight, by helping them experience the effects of their behaviour and by creating connection. I work in a range of settings, coaching trainees to transfer their freshly gained insight to their own working lives. Trainees appreciate my positive energy, direct approach and analytical skills. I like no-nonsense work, with a focus on doing rather than talking … and I know how to put the power of a group into effect.)
Email: NLinfo@communityresolve.com

Gertjan van Oldenborgh Als econoom en vele cursussen en post academische opleidingen in de ontwikkeling van mensen sta ik open voor wat het leven me brengt, ook voor datgene waarom ik niet heb gevraagd. Dat is wat ik in de loop der jaren ontdekt heb als waardevolle manier van zijn voor mezelf. Er is wat er is. Het transformeren van conflicten naar mogelijkheden heeft hierin mijn passie. (As an economist with extensive additional training in human development, I am very open to what life brings. I always value the unexpected, the things I did not ask for, which is a way of being that I have found very valuable. I am passionate about the idea and practice of transforming conflict into a realm of possibility.)
Email: NLinfo@communityresolve.com


Eric Booth holds Community Resolve’s IT together – an essential part of an virtual organisation providing online services.




Community Resolve associates and valued colleagues

thumbnail_Liz Hine 0713 photoLiz Hine is an accredited mediator with 25 years’ experience of delivering mediation services across a range of fields – workplace, NHS complaints, disability rights conciliation and community mediation (neighbour disputes and homelessness). She specialises in workplace mediation where people are in serious conflict, and works as a consultant for Bristol-based Mediation at Work. Liz is a co-creator of our online mediation training courses, and has worked with Community Resolve for 10 years, as a trainer on our contribution to the national Community Organisers programme and as a mediator on our intergenerational mediation project Crucial Conversations.

thumbnail_HPIM0739Ann Lukens is a richly experienced mediator, facilitator, trainer, coach and leadership consultant, with a strong practice in team and group conflicts, supporting teams and individuals through organisational change. She also mediates and has worked with the Kumi project in the international arena. Over 15 years, Ann has trained hundreds of mediators and worked widely with teams on managing difficult conversations. She has worked with Community Resolve both as a trainer and developing our online Action Learning Sets (ALS). Her longterm interest in ALS lies in ways to find long-term development, support and challenge in people’s work and lives. Ann received her MSc in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Birkbeck College, University of London, in 2007 and lives in Wales.

Nik Pitcher is a conflict trainer, facilitator and drama therapist who worked for 17 years as a senior trainer with a leading national charity that focuses on conflict and violence. She and Community Resolve, alongside ex-forces personnel, are working together to develop training and online resources to support those in transition from military to civilian life, building on Nik’s previous research. She is also a director of Carving Community CIC, which believes that ‘community is a complex organism [which] evolves over time from intergenerational generosity and courage…‘. In 2012, Carving Community provided us with some inspirational team development, as well as delivering a deeply affecting, week-long workshop with Community Resolve for young men at risk of dropping out of school.

Lois picLois Yellowthunder is a cultural anthropologist.  She worked for a number of museums for ten years including the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, San Diego Museum of Man, Field Museum of Natural History, and the Science Museum of Minnesota as a museum educator, exhibit designer, and programme developer.  For a number of years Lois worked in government as a health and human services planner as well as teaching anthropology at San Diego Mesa College, the University of Chicago Extension, and the University of Minnesota. She, Marybeth Neal (see below) and Community Resolve are working together on developing a collaborative evaluation frame for community-facing projects that works for all parties involved. This will be shared via Dropcap Press in the near future.

Livier Ayón creates and implements programs in leadership and development in Mexico. She has a focus in violence prevention. She integrates tools based on her experience with the different social sciences, expressive arts, yoga instruction, and movement facilitation. Play and participative communication are also central elements in her work, as well as the principles based on Restorative Circles, Dance/Movement Therapy, Trauma-informed approach, InterPlay and Art of Hosting. Livier, a Chevening Alumni, has a B.A. in Human Development with orientation in adolescents and adults (Cal State University, East Bay), a certification by Niroga Institute, and is completing her MSc. in Applied Social Psychology (University of Sussex). She has collaborated with organizations leading social change for youth, such as The Mosaic Project and Partners for Youth Empowerment. 

MariekePaulInkr8 is an Amsterdam based outfit that has trained community facilitators with conflict skills for the last 20 years. Inkr8 founders Marieke Stenvers and Paul Jansen are focussed on working with local communities, skilling up people who want to form a bridges across social divides – young people to adults, new immigrants to established populations, new arrivals in local areas. Community Resolve originally met up with Inkr8 via Hen’s PhD looking at cross-sector collaboration dynamics. We are now working together on a Dutch training manual using the Community Resolve app.

Krachtspatsers logoKrachtpatsers (which literally translates as ‘powerful helpers’) is an organisation made up of engaged young Dutch professionals – psychologists, coaches, trainers and teachers – with a passion for encouraging more self-awareness and leadership among the young. Krachtpatsers are working in partnership with us to bring our resources and experience in conflict training for young people into Dutch schools.