Our backstory

Community Resolve was set up as a non-profit in 2001, initially run by 3 volunteers (including the two current directors). It gradually grew in size and reputation, becoming a charity in 2008. By late 2012, the organisation worked in multiple spheres of social and professional activity across Bristol, SW England, with amazing work being delivered by 30-odd dedicated and highly trained part-time workers from across a range of communities. 

Our impact  At the point of closure of our Bristol office, an independent research team was funded by Esmee Fairbairn  to assess our impact across the city – their findings and accompanying commentary can be found here:

 Impact Report 2014: Embedding skills to address everyday conflict

What we achieved  During that time, Community Resolve brought many innovations to community relations work in the city, including:

  • recruiting and developing workers and volunteers from all backgrounds and education levels into a cohesive training team
  • working across all the city’s schools, sharing conflict management skills with young people
  • trialling a highly successful street-based team to work with conflict on the streets
  • developing an intergenerational mediation project, pairing older and young mediators to work with families in need
  • creating an impactful peer mentoring project to get the young unemployed into productive activity
  • opening up spaces for discussion, guidance and love to young Bristol people struggling to find their way.

In 2013, in the face of fallout from the global financial crash and unpromising local circumstances, Community Resolve went through a complete change. It shifted from being an organisation rooted in place to becoming a virtual company devising and sharing digital training resources for better understanding and working with everyday conflict across the UK and beyond. We are enormously grateful to all those who worked with us over the years, some of whom are listed below, as their work forms the bedrock of what we do now.

Our thanks, as always, to:

CommunityResolveCoverPhotoAkbar Ali, Alida Robey, Alison Hope, Amanda Radix, Angico Daley, Anne Clarke, Cecile Jagoo, Ras Coujoe Mudada, Annie Beardsley, Bill Finch, Charlene Richardson, Chris Johnston, David Doe, Deasy Bamford, Diana Warden, Hardip Kaur, Isobel Clarke, Jade Royal, Jayson Morrison, Jermaine Major, Joseph Allison, Julie Perkins, Lindsey Dowdell, Liz Hine, Lynn Parfitt, Marlene Stewart, Mo Said, Mobs Timi-Biu, Nadine Bourne, Natasha Khan, Nathalie Griffin, Nicola de Pasqua, Nik Pitcher, Omari Cato, Paul Hoggett, Paul Holder, Rooda Kulah, Shireen Shah, Shobha Das, Tammara Anderton-Boyd, Tete Ashbourne, Tremayne Beckford, Trish Caverly, Waheed Ahmed, Warren Morrison, Yusuf Ahmad and many, many others.