Who we are

Community Resolve works with individuals, organisations and groups to shift stuck dynamics and re-open communication where it has broken down, sharing resources to understand and engage with conflict in a constructive way.

We believe that everyday conflicts – as in clashes of view, expectation, need, desire – are a normal part of human life, and cannot be avoided. What makes the difference is how you approach conflict: as something to be feared and avoided, or as something that will always arise and which can lead to very positive outcomes and better understanding.

Over 20 years, we have worked with the local, national and international; the waged and unwaged; individuals and groups; internal and external conflict; organisations and communities; and different cultural perspectives. We are committed to bridging theory and practice, and over the last few years have moved online as a way of reaching more people with our ideas and approaches. Our online services include digital training courses for individuals and/or groups; CPD resources for mediators; conflict coaching and facilitation; and online peer learning groups.

Community Resolve works as a collective, bringing people together with different skills sets, interests, experiences and backgrounds as required for specific pieces of work.