Talking to ourselves? Maybe not so mad after all…

There is a huge paradox at the heart of contemporary life in affluent nations: that as societies we are both better connected and more fragmented than we have ever been. One of the key outcomes of this new reality is the uncertainty we are all experiencing, caused by the constant meeting of ‘difference’, with little space to process it.

At Community Resolve, we understand this as the idea of ‘everyday conflict’ – a clash of contradictory hopes and fears, needs and expectations experienced within ourselves just as much as in our interactions with other people.

Hubert Hermans writes on the need for us to recognise and accept – rather than fight – the idea of our ‘multiple selves’ and contradictory impulses through his Dialogical Self Theory. And we suggest that this understanding helps us avoid the pitfall of ‘totalising’ other people as one thing or another.

Pic – Dora Maar, 1936, Picasso