Promoting local youth leadership – ‘we get nothing but love here’

It’s a struggle for all of us to identify who we want to be as we move away from home and school. At Community Resolve, we were particularly keen to work with young people who were managing other transitions as well – perhaps newly arrived in the country and working on their English language, as well as having to fit into a local neighbourhood.

Integrating multiple identities while moving through from youth to adulthood was greatly helped by having someone to talk to who had managed similar challenges. We ran an open access centre for young men and women trying to find their way, a drop-in where they could joke, play pool, eat for free and pick up useful skills and advice.

All the staff were from local areas and backgrounds, bringing with them infinite patience, understand and compassion.

‘We get nothing but love here’, one young man said… and our workers got nothing but love in return, even from the most distressed people they worked with.

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