Conflict, cooperation and transformation – meeting difference head-on

A two-day interactive workshop in Bristol, May 17 & 18th, 2016

Cost of 2-day workshop: £200 (some bursaries available)

This engaging and thought-provoking workshop provides skills and concepts to engage constructively with ‘everyday’ conflict across a range of life settings, from work and communities to friends and family.
Understanding conflict as inevitable – a by-product of difference, exploring how to shift the impact of conflict by responding differently,  best practice and cutting-edge theory

Getting people on board – relational skills, remembering what’s out of sight, removing blockages through facilitation

Shifting group and team dynamics – applying mediation principles to the everyday

To reserve your place, please email us at:


This workshop can also be taken as part of the full CPD/Masters module online course in Conflict, Cooperation and Transformation. The full course involves self-organised study and Skype-based study groups. For more information on the full 30-credit module and fees visit the UWE website:

Next start date: May 1st, 2016

This module is suitable for anyone in an interest in interpersonal communications, team management, frontline work and consultancy across a range of settings. It merges skills for practice with cutting edge theory from the fields of communication, conflict transformation, psycho-social studies and complexity.